Ultralight Trike (2-seat) Project

A number of years ago I had the opportunity to purchase a Cosmos microlight 2 place trike with a L'Mouette 21m^2 wing. The design was simple but lacking in a number of ways, one of which it was constructed from metric tubing since it came from France. But it was ALOT of fun.

At some point, I wound up selling it, but before I did, I took down all the major dimensions. Later, I sketched a foundation for the new design on paper (long before CAD) and built the frame from miscellaneous aircraft tubing, mainly from scrap from hang glider repairs at a shop I worked at. Early in the 90's, I purchased nearly everything I thought I would need from LEAF, back when they sold actual parts, before they became ROTAX whores. Actually, I got most of the parts from California Power Systems.

Yes, it is under construction in the living room! I have actually had the wing open inside:

Now that I am a Solidworks expert, it is an excellent tool for design, and as I evaluate different systems

on the aircraft like steering and suspension, I craft the parts and add them to the assembly.

The rear shocks are 100 pounds each for 200 pounds of shock strut per rear axle. The front are only 50 # each with the appropriate rake angle. All formed parts were cut out with the plasma cutter. Designing in SW makes it simple!

                                                                                                            Relaxed                                                        Compressed

                        Relaxed                                                                        Compressed