Combat Anti-Smokers




Smokers are frickin' morons.

Generally they are inconsiderate, self-hating, and vile.

First, there is a reason that there is a Surgeon General's warning on each package. Cigarettes CAUSE cancer, you idiots! In case you missed the warning, ever consider why so many smoke? It is more ADDICTIVE than heroin. But since evil smokers choose to disregard these things, do you really think that TV commercials, billboards, posters and help classes will make them quit? NOT!

Smokers are murderers. This is not hate, this is blatant truth. What's more toxic these days is the "I don't care" attitude, the smokers simply don't care about their own health and others' health, they call it freedom and rational people call it selfishness.
Smokers are hurting you, not the the way a round. We sometimes feel like it is rude to ask a smoker to stop smoking or go away, but the fact is it is they who are rude for smoking around you in the first place. Smokers need to know their place, and while we can be nice, kindness does not mean acceptance of smoking.

Toxic fumes

Disgusting and RUDE

If it were only smelling the smoke, but it's the highly toxic poisons going into MY lungs and being filtered by MY body!

Have I found a way to combat the evil smokers?

Not yet... (insert evil laugh here)

Now itís finally time for real action. Itís time for smokers to pay some kind of consequences for criminal assault when they harm other people, especially when they do it wantonly and the action is capable of ending the victimís life. It is no different than the nice guy who runs down an innocent child while driving drunk. It is no different than the teen driver who plows through pedestrians in a crosswalk while texting and driving. Like the enablers of nicotine addicts, the enablers of these other lethally irresponsible people will most likely place the victim second in line for compassion, after the perpetrator. Nicotine does not have to be delivered through smoke! Smoking is a personal conscious choice of the addict. Addiction is never and should never be an excuse for criminally assaulting other people!

The current Surgeon Generalís Report concluded that scientific evidence indicates that there is NO risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Short exposures to secondhand smoke can cause blood platelets to become stickier, damage the lining of blood vessels, decrease coronary flow velocity reserves, and reduce heart rate variability, potentially increasing the risk of heart attack.


You can't argue with morons.

A moron would be someone that is actively killing themselves with things that are proven to kill them (400,000 deaths a year world-wide) and are determined to make the lives of people that didn't make a stupid decision (like starting smoking) uncomfortable and lower their level of health in the process.

It's incredibly selfish, immature, unethical and just plain stupid.

The people that say they "like it" are just being stubborn and don't like being told what to do because they have some childish dislike for authority and/or anyone that may prove them wrong. This is because they have no self-esteem.. a trait typically found amongst people that have no personal hygiene (yes, you stink) and a general lack of intellect.

But the real bottom line is.. if you smoke now, be prepared to suffer lots of penalties when you get older (it's funny that only kids actively say they support smoking) like extremely inflated health insurance, a lack of hiring potential, a lack of the simple ability to be productive on ANY job based on the constant need to "go smoke" which also leads to a decrease in work-place morale and health-levels when you return stinking and people have to avoid you.

Also look forward to the law changing at some point to making smoking "assault" on people that aren't smokers. After all.. if you came up and sprayed chemicals on me (no matter what they are.. much less arsenic and tar) I would be within my rights to defend myself and you would be arrested on top of getting beat down. Why not when I'm assaulted with a proven deadly weapon? Sure it may not kill me right away.. but inhalation of smoke is a building process.. each layer you add to your lungs causes more and more problems... causes your skin to age, etc. so you may not kill me with that cigarette, but you're definitely affecting my level of health in a negative manner and much more permanently than if you came at me with a knife. Sure, I'd have a scar if I didn't die.. but that scar won't cause me problems later or contribute to cancer. Your cigarette will.

The bottom line is...  anyone that smokes does so because they are ignorant. You can cure ignorance with fact. but if people are reluctant to understand or absorb the truth.. it's because they're not ignorant, they lack intelligence. You can't cure that... Best to let them smoke and just urge them to do it in private and hope the effects take hold before they get a chance to create offspring with the same character defects of addictive personalities, weak will, lack of intelligence, no moral compass, no personal hygiene and a disturbing lack of a survival instinct.

Smoking is god's way of pouring some much-needed chlorine into the genepool.. just my thought.